Corsica? Of Corse!

 Corsica? Of Corse!

It’s amazing to consider that a thought inside your head can be acted on in less than 150 milliseconds. Have you ever considered this? Are you even still reading this blog?

What about the fact that a thought sent to the foot takes longer than one sent to your hand, I guess its obvious but I’d never considered it. That means a thought sent to you mouth must be really quick. 

I can tell you now that when James and Stella asked me whether or not I was interested in photographing their wedding in Corsica, the time I took to consider, decide and answer was pretty bloody short.


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It was almost as if before James had even finished his email to me, the word YES! was forming in my mouth.

Almost. It was a very quick decision is what I’m trying to say.

If you haven’t been to Corsica then go, maybe not today (only one flight a week direct from London, hmmm) but soon, somehow just go. It’s beautiful. It’s hot. It’s French and it’s not French too, no one understood my GCSE French. No one.


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