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Golden Anniversary Press

  UNIQUE, BESPOKE, MADE FOR YOU NEWSPAPERS! Serving suggestions - Anniversaries & birthdays Great for your parents anniversary, these truly unique papers chronicle and celebrate their amazing married lives together. Tailormade from scratch so their look and tone are completely suited to your folks. Serves - 5 (copies)   |   Ready in 1-2 weeks   |   Difficulty : Easy, little effort for maximum happy results Ingredients 1 kg of favourite family photos 400g marriage tales A marinade of bespoke illustrations 5 editions of spare copies as standard Generous amount of drafts provided 1 dollop of money back guarantee Method Organise/choose your photos and decide on your desired method to upload - Dropbox, WeTransfer, GoogleDrive, whatever you want. Fill in Paul’s ingenious questionnaire. It’s easy and can be as brief or as detailed as you wish, it’s up to you how much you want to include, it’s your newspaper after all! Wait for Paul’s first draft to arrive (2 pages), at this stage you can

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